Coffee for Kristy


For the overpriced cup of Kristy’s caffeinated beverage of choice, you get a free copy of her short story ‘Finding Forgiveness’.

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It takes fuel to feed creativity. Kristy’s beverage of choice happens to be coffee. If you’re amused, entertained, or even just in the giving spirit, buy Kristy a cup of coffee!

Coffee for Kristy, a book for you!

To show her appreciation for your gift, she’ll send you her short story called ‘Finding Forgiveness’.

About the book:

Kimberly waited until her youngest child went off to college before she imploded her marriage. After years of infidelity, her heart could no longer bear the thought of staying beside the man who thought so little of her. After years of his mistress calling, she’d finally believed the truth of her husband’s betrayal.


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