We The People


The United States Government is experiencing growing pains brought on by the arrogance of the people who choose to run for office. At every level, local, state, and federal, we the people who do the voting are disgusted by almost every aspect of how we are governed.

Earlier this week I watched a video, shared by the Governor of the Lt. Governor, basically saying he has guns to overthrow a government that got too big for its britches. The irony here is that both men are the government. They aren’t changing things from the inside. As they collect a check given out by tax dollars, they hold those same tax dollars hostage for their own agendas.

There is enough fodder about the federal government that I could go on for days. Their goal has always seemed to be more about getting re-elected than about actually contributing to the well-being of their constituents.

Go vote, we’re told.

Your voice counts! Your voice matters! I’m so glad that campaign managers and lobbyists could come up with slogans they could use to guilt us with for all eternity. What an absolute crock. How can a vote really matter when the people who should run, can’t because of being an actual human with a full-time job they are underpaid for, because that same government deemed low skilled and entry-level workers unimportant enough to ensure they were paid a living wage?

The voters are as much the problem as the government. As a country, we are rebellious by nature. If there is a cause, we’ll march to it. If given the chance for moral superiority, we’ll bring flags and signs. It certainly doesn’t help that our leaders ignite passions that get out of control, and then they blame everyone but themselves. Because we have tethered basic human rights to the judicial system, a ridiculous amount of people cannot vote. They, however, are utterly and completely dwarfed by the apathetic voters who haven’t been to a poll in their life.

We the people get what we paid for.

We have a polarized country with absolutely no direction, growth, or sustainability because we’re dividing ourselves by how we look, what we wear, what we eat, how we vote, what God we worship, and whether body autonomy is deserved by citizens with a uterus.

The borders are being overrun. No one cares. Children are being slaughtered at school. Thoughts and prayers are delivered to us by politicians at the speed of light. We do not hold ourselves accountable. We blame mental illness, poverty, affluency, drugs, alcohol and bad parenting for every crime that flashes across our news feed.

Are we still the United States of America? Right now, it looks like we’re now New England, The South, The Middle States, and California. Texas and Florida have long since left the union. Will our governmental growing pains cause our country to fracture? In the pandemic’s wake, our country was forced to accept that in America, not all were created equally. That We the People never really mattered as long as the tax dollars arrived on time.

Stay sane everyone…


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