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Swim Lanes

It’s Wednesday morning and I’m preparing for my first podcast attempt with my friend Michelle. I met Michelle through work where I am a correspondent slash content writer for Neuse News which is a component of Magic Mile Media. Last night, Michelle and I went to the gym together for the first time after both making assurances we would hold one another accountable to going.

Well, it’s 7:28 am, and I have yet to get out of bed. My shoulders, back, and neck twinge and tweak with every movement. I know we are going back tomorrow, but at this particular moment, I am less thrilled about it. But a promise is a promise, also I do genuinely love swimming.

The podcast. Let me start there. I fell in love with Kinston when I moved here. It’s not the most happening place in the world, but it has grit that reminds me of McKeesport when I grew up. It’s like the proverbial boot of life is stepping on a town and it has two choices, it can roll over and die, or it can chip away at the sole until the boot finds another place to land. That’s what Kinston does. It snubbed its nose at Fate and found another way. I’m a big fan of finding another way.

Already distracted, I meant to talk about the podcast, not Kinston. The two correlate though. The podcast will be information about Kinston and Lenoir County. We’ll feature two businesses per show by inviting the companies to be a part of the show. Our first guest is Katelyn Randolph of Food Farm Printing which we used for the BBQ Fest envelopes. I will share local news updates, and Michelle will share the area happenings. Which we hope to wrap up in a 30 minute show.

I’m trying to motivate myself to get up, get out of bed, and tackle the morning. The reality is, it will look more like a zombie shuffle. Trust me, I have the hair for it. Side note, I’m getting all my hair cut off at the earliest appointment I can find. (before the governor deems it an unnecessary business and shuts it down again.) this is a real fear.

That’s all for now. Check back later to find out what’s new in my world. 🙂



P.S. The forecast says it may snow. Did I mention how much I abhor snow? It’s horrendous and disgusting, and contrary to what people say, it is not beautiful.

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