Divine Purpose

Divine Purpose

Normal women didn’t have to deal with exploding light bulbs when their temper flared. Nor did they have ridiculous Elven features. Elle hid her peculiarities and her pointed ears.

Unfortunately, nothing could hide the ramifications of her abnormalities. Not only did she accidentally kill the man of her dreams, but then she furthered his damnation by cursing him to a fate worse than death.

A shadow of his former self, Blake abhorred the nightmare he’d become. Now forced to kill in order to survive, he teetered on the brink of insanity until the woman who stripped him of everything gave him a reason to live. The threat to her life might be the owner of his soul, but he had to save her. She was all that was left of his humanity.

Is he enough to protect her from a monster the goddesses feared?


Amazon Review

Just as good as the other two if not better! With twist and turns and a ending that would make the coldest heart melt. I can promise you with the Divine Ones series you will not be disappointed

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