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We the people

We The People

The United States Government is experiencing growing pains brought on by the arrogance of the people who choose to run for office. At every level, local, state, and federal, we the people who do the voting are disgusted by almost every aspect of how we are governed.

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agenda blog post

The Social Agenda

The weaponization of fear has become the new normal, with both sides of a hidden war embracing a deadly virus as their flag. The left, the right, the conservatives, the progressives, QAnon and Antifa all have more in common than dissension. As long as they are stoking the flames of their animosity, they are far too busy to question why they are fighting.

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Dear Me

It’s been a while since you had a full night’s sleep, and you’re pretty cranky when you don’t get at least seven hours a night. For that reason, I’ll cut you some slack. You have what you call an inside-my-head voice. It’s time to listen to it.

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Loss of Hope

Earlier this month, and for the third time, a fire ripped through a house in Kinston. A house on Glenwood Avenue didn’t even make the local news.

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Divine Touch Blog

Divine Touch

Only mortals are truly free.

Not only did Kate find out she’s the daughter of a goddess, but that the werewolf that ignited her libido was also the executioner should she fail the barbaric trials set before her. Not one to be outdone by an archaic rite of passage, Kate decides she will have cake, and her werewolf too.

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Start Today BP

Yesterday’s tomorrow means start today

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow. I have a cruise in 51 days. I’ve never been on a cruise. It involves lots of people that I don’t know, and I will be traveling with plans that someone else made. If anxiety doesn’t kill me, being 150 lbs overweight is going to.

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